Falling or Flying?

25 08 2010

It was a big fall.  As I stood on the edge and looked over my knees trembled and my hands quivered.  It was the highest height I had ever seen and all of a sudden I was paralyzed with the fear of heights.  As I talked myself out of jumping I could hear the laughter of those behind me and my 7 year old ego took over.  I walked to back to the edge of the Olympic sized diving platform and jumped.  The fall felt like forever and when I hit the water my husky 7 year old frame discovered the truth about pain.  At that point a rule was created in my consciousness, “always fear jumping – it hurts”.

True to form I have allowed my life to be ruled by that fear for 28 years.  Don’t jump – it hurts.  Oh I am the master of change, the advocate for living on the edge, a soap box preacher for changing it up but when push comes to shove – I turtle and play it safe.  What a hypocrite eh?  Here’s a guy who writes a blog about Living Your Dreams and can’t even walk the walk.  I was faced with the opportunity this past April to finally live my dreams and truly begin my journey.  I was at the cross roads again – go on my own and start the company I have always dreamed of owning or accept an opportunity to do what I have done for over 14 years and manage a Porsche dealership in downtown Toronto.  You know what I chose – safe.  I chose the money.  I chose the security.  I chose to not take my own advice, not jump off that edge, and not take the risk.  I chose the road of hypocrisy.  This is the very reason I have not written since the end of April.  How can I write about Living Your Dream when I can’t even do that myself?  Have you ever done that?  Have you ever made decisions knowing what you wanted to do or even needed to do but the fear was so huge you chose to stay safe and unhappy rather than the alternative? 

My name is Sean Moffett and I am a hypocrite.  

But I have great news!  There is hope for us.  There is hope for me.  I finally did it.  I jumped.  I took my own advice and I am now living my dreams.  The Moffett Company has been established and I am speaking, training, and consulting and loving every minute of it.  There has been a wealth of affirmation for my decision and with the admission of my fear and willingness to talk about what has shackled me for so long I am finding hundreds of other people who have experienced these same feelings.  And as we share our triumphs and stumbles it’s overwhelming to know I’m not alone. 

What fears are holding you back?  If you had a magic wand and could wave it and change one thing in your life what would that one thing be?  What would you do for free if you could?  Please share your stories.  

The wind is blowing through my hair as I fly through the air.  I have finally jumped.  If you hear a splat – send help…but from my view – the sky’s the limit. 

Blessings – Sean




6 responses

25 08 2010
Jodie Glasier

Just wanted to say good for you for taking that leap, best wishes and thoughts to you and your family during this exciting time.

25 08 2010
Sean Moffett

Thanks Jodes. I appreciate the best wishes. Hope all is well in your world too.

25 08 2010

Never been prouder.
From one fledgling to another, the best way to learn how to fly is to jump out of the nest. Sometimes repeatedly. But the ground is never quite as close – or as rocky – as it looks from the safety of the tree.
Now trust yourself and do what you do best….and start flapping like hell.

25 08 2010
Sean Moffett

Flapping sir. Flapping.

25 08 2010

It is true, you are not alone, there are many eaglets figuring out that they are not turkeys. I echo TK’s remarks…that makes me giggle….and seeing you unshackled is a deep breath of fresh air.

25 08 2010

YEA!! wow, so excited for you guys!! sean, that’s soo good. we still have you’re book about how to know if you’re in the midst of a crappy job. hahah. sounds like you don’t need it ! 🙂 if i were to jump off a crazy cliff and try to fly…i’d want to work at an orphanage somewhere.

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